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first ecopark with footgolf

Footgolf originated in the summer of 2004 at the Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh. Two

Architectural students Martin Fox and Sam Green decided to challenge each other by kicking a football from a fixed point to a predetermined location, the winner being the one who took the fewest number of kicks to get to the specific location. This idea developed into kicking a ball from a tee to a green in a golf course setting, and becoming Footgolf as we know it now. The first designed course was the centrepiece of an Ecopark at Copmanthorpe on the outskirts of York which gained full planning approval in 2007.

Farm Shop and Cafe Building

farm shop & cafe building

The first Eco-Park/Farm Shop has successfully gained planning permission in Green Belt including a sizeable building on a 20 acre site. Other sites are currently going through planning or are in discussion with partners in a range of areas.

Farm Shop and Cafe Building